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Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee - заставка
Bruce Lee - геймплей
Bruce Lee - геймплей
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Описание игры

Вашему вниманию предлагается отличная игра для ZX Spectrum, которая поможет вам весело провести время, а именуется она “Bruce Lee”. Наверное, каждый в своей геймерской жизни встречал симуляторы подобные этой, к примеру, игры “Rambo” или же “Commando”. Скорее всего не стоит объяснять, кто такой Брюс Ли, ведь его знает даже ребёнок, такого отважного героя боевиков, каким он и был в реальности. Персонаж игры чем-то похож на отважного каратиста Брюса Ли — в управление вам даётся маленький, но очень мощный персонаж, который должен преодолеть каждое препятствие на своём пути. Также, вам будет необходимо собирать различные фонари, без которых у вас не получится перепрыгнуть на уровень выше.

Вашими злейшими врагами станут двое стражников, которыми будет управлять всемогущий дракон. Правда, если вам не захочется с ними драться, то вы можете просто пойти дальше, тем самым избегая стычек с ними. Однако вам необходимо уворачиваться от их атак, иначе вы погибнете. Самое главное не забывайте, что при убийстве стражи дракона, вам зачислится большое количество очков.

После всех пройденных уровней, вам наконец-то представится возможность победить дракона, о котором было сказано ранее. Он обладает приличными запасами здоровья, и будет закидывать вас ядрами, пропитанными смертельным ядом. Для поражения дракона, вам просто нужно забрать оставшийся фонарик, после чего ваш соперник попрощается со своим существованием.

На этом ваша игра подойдет к концу, но вы сможете начать её с самого начала. В этом случае вы получите бонус – специальный приз. О данном предмете рассказывать вам нет смысла, ведь это секрет, поэтому запускайте игру и проводите время с наслаждением!

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US Gold, under licence from DATASOFT.

Ocean's in-house development team.



A collect-em-up platform game with a bit of kung fu thrown in for
good measure!

Keyboard, Kempston, Protek, Sinclair.
SHIFT/BREAK - Restart game
SYMBOL SHIFT - Sound on/off
ENTER - pause
Q - Up
A - Down
O - Left
P - Right
Z to M - Kick/Punch

Guide Bruce Lee to discover Immortality by beating the evil
wizard and his minions. Bruce must explore the play area picking
up lanterns, which will open up new areas for him to explore. The
evil wizard's troops attack you in the form of The Green Yamo
(fat guy) and The Ninja (little guy). However, Bruce can dispatch
these by kicking or punching them (stand still and fire for
punch, run and fire for kick).

Later screens get more complicated with killer bugs, swords,
moving walls and mines to contend with!

Two players can play, either taking turns at being Bruce or with
one playing controlling Yamo! Great fun!


Use the Multiface to enter :
POKE 51795,0 Infinite lives for player 1
POKE 51803,0 Infinite lives for player 2



Care should be taken as there are a few snapshots of this around
which crash after the first screen. As far as I know, this
version works :


This game is named after and stars Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee. The
sprite even looks a bit like him. Except not as dead. The plot
is original and there is no attempt to tie the game in with any
of Bruce's movies, which is probably a good idea!

As far as I know, Bruce Lee is a perfect conversion of the Apple
II original.

The game is actually very easy. However, the two player mode
gives it a whole new lease of life - forget the lanterns and beat
each other up!

This is one of the many early US Gold games that was handled by
Ocean. It looks and plays like a typical 1984 Ocean game - not
that that's a bad thing!

Bruce Lee is fast, fun and playable. Although it's pretty easy,
the two player mode increases its life and I still find myself
coming back to play this even now. Well worth a go!


The Project 64 etext of the ~Bruce Lee manual~, converted to etext by
anonymous, obtained from the Asimov Apple ][ site,

BRUCEL10.TXT, April 1997, etext #200#

Readapted for the Spectrum in 2001 AD by Alessandro Grussu





An opulent, mysterious, and perilous fortress is the setting as Bruce
Lee seeks to claim infinite wealth and the secret of immortality from
the wizard who dwells within.

You begin your search for the wizard at the entrance to his fortress.
This chamber, and each chamber here, is sealed off from the other
rooms. The only way to get from one room to the adjoining room is to
jump up and take the lanterns which hang from the ceiling. When you
get all the lanterns (or at least certain lanterns) for that room, the
door opens. (Watch the edges of your screen so that you'll see when
your exit is possible.) Hint: You must get all of the lanterns in the
first three rooms in order to proceed. Then go to the middle room and
look for the opening through which you can exit.

Throughout your search for the wizard, you are attacked by the ninja
brandishing their BOKKEN sticks. Even more dangerous is the Yamo, who
runs after you and delivers crushing kicks. Duck and run away to foil
their attempts to harm you, then come back kicking and chopping - the
Yamo can survive only three blows and the ninja can survive only two.
Take as many lanterns and cover as much ground as you can before these
foes reappear.

To get around each room, you can climb vines (up, down, or sideways),
ride on waves of particles which change direction at random, leap from
ledge to ledge, and jump down from a ledge without injury.

Hazards and traps await you in rooms close to the wizard's chamber.
You must avoid electrical charges passing through gaps between ledges,
PAN lights streaming across the floor, and exploding T'SUNG-LIN
(bushes) appearing from nowhere.

When you finally reach the wizard, keep away from the fire balls
streaming from his eyes. Press the button which destroys the wizard -
and his fortunes are yours! Enjoy them, because your next foray into
the fortress will be more difficult!

NUMBER OF PLAYER is selected by pressing the A key.

In a ONE-PLAYER GAME, you are Bruce competing against the Yamo and
ninja. You can take five falls before the game is over.

In a TWO-PLAYER GAME, you and another person take turns being Bruce,
competing against the Yamo and ninja. As soon as you (Bruce) take a
fall, the other player takes a turn as Bruce. The computer keeps track
of each player's score.

BEGIN PLAY by pressing ENTER.

PAUSE the game by pressing the ENTER. To resume play, press ENTER again.


You may use Kempston, Protek or Interface 2 joysticks.

RUN left and right by moving the joystick left and right.

KICK by pressing the joystick button while you are running. You will
deliver a kick in that direction.

CHOP by pressing the joystick button while you are standing still. You
will execute a chop in the direction you are facing.

LEAP to get from one ledge to another by moving the joystick up and to
the left or right. You may find that Bruce will have to leap to avoid
hazards along some passageways.

JUMP to take a lantern or to grab on to a vine.

CLIMB up a vine by positioning yourself under it, moving the joystick
up, and holding it there until you reach the top. You can climb down
the vine by pulling the joystick down and across it by moving the
joystick left or right.

DUCK to avoid a blow from the Yamo or ninja by pulling the joystick

Q - up
A - down
O - left
P - right
Z-M - punch/kick
ENTER - pause
SYMBOL SHIFT - sound on/off
SHIFT/BREAK - restart game


At the top of the screen from left to right you will find: player
"up", that player's score, top score for this session of play, and the
number of falls in reserve before the game is over.


Lantern 125 Knocking out ninja 200
Chopping ninja or Yamo 100 Knocking out Yamo 450
Kicking ninja or Yamo 75 Destroying wizard 3000
Entering new room 2000 Landing on ninja or Yamo 50


Programming by Richard Mirsky
Concept by Ron J. Fortier and Kelly Day
Computer graphics by Kelly Day
Documentation by Ingrid Holcomb

Apple is a registered trademark of Apple Computer Inc.


19808 Nordhoff Place, Chatsworth, CA 91311
Licensed by Ziv International
Bruce Lee(TM) designates a trademark of Linda Lee.
Datasoft(R) is a registered trademark of Datasoft Inc.
(C) 1984 Datasoft Inc. All rights reserved.