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Curse of Sherwood, The

Curse of Sherwood, The - заставка
Curse of Sherwood, The - геймплей
Curse of Sherwood, The - геймплей
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Описание игры

Игра очень похожа на известную игру «Robin of Sher Wood».

В игре вы управляете монахом, которому нужно добыть четыре вещи: меч, щит, палку и корону. В самом начале игры монах вооружён лёгким дротиком, но уничтожив нескольких врагов, он получит в  руки дубинку, возможности которой значительно выше. Увидев круг из грибов, необходимо встать в него и нажать «огонь», после чего вы окажетесь в замке. Теперь перед вами будут ворота, которые также уничтожаются нажатием «огонь». После этого вас будут атаковать птицы. Убивать их лучше всего стоя на месте. Расправившись с птицами, идите вниз. Там вы должны будете уничтожить ходячего мертвеца, в результате чего вы получите в руки копьё. Это поможет вам дойти до второго этапа…

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Derek Brewster


An arcade adventure, where you play Friar Tuck who has to
run about using various objects to get others - a la
Magic Knight - in order to get rid of a dangerous cult.

A/D - Left, S/F - Right, Y to P - Up, H to ENTER - Down,
B to BREAK - Fire, Q - Quit

Sherwood Forest has been taken over by the evil and ruthless
Cult of Sagalia. Robin and his men fight on bravely, but the
odds are stacked against them. You, as Friar Tuck are their
only chance of survival. Solve the clues hidden in the rhyme
and destroy the evil force.

Robin Hood and his merry men are confronted with their
biggest challenge to date! The evil Cult of Sagalia has taken
control of Sherwood Forest instilling fear into the hearts of the
forest dwellers. They are relying on you as Friar Tuck, Robin and
the rest of the band to rid the forest of this evil force and
then get back to normal pursuits like robbing the rich to give
to the poor! In the meantime Robin and his men battle valiantly
on, but the odds are definitely stacked against them. Werewolves
roam the forest day and night watching and waiting for any likely
looking prey (actually they're not particularly fussy!). Hideous
animated skeletons appear when they're least expected and should
you be unfortunate enough to come across one of the Priests of
Salagia, well, your days are numbered! Already one attempt to
rid the forest of the Cult has failed. You had arranged to meet
the Bishop of Derby to try to carry out an exorcism. When he
failed to arrive on time you set out to look for him and at the
edge of the forest you find his body, he had been slain by a
black arrow. But on his body you notice a piece of blood stained
parchment bearing the following rhyme, could this possibly be the

For fire protection you must amass
Werewolves fangs and a Scrying glass
Then travel through the misty wood
To take them to the Witch of Good

From the man of solitary means
A parchment guide is what you need
Without it you may go astray
And in the forest lose your way

To buy the means to safety walk
A firey monster you must stalk
He holds the price with precious metal
Convey to the hermit without much fettle

A silver cross must be found
Before you feel safe and sound
On the pentagon it must be dropped
And the portal of evil will be stopped

Clutching the parchment you hurry back to the camp to find
Robin and his men surrounded and fighting for their lives.
You are their only chance, you must follow the clues and
destroy the source of evil before it claims its final

The solution lies in the rhyme. To pick up an object walk
over it.

Joystick or keyboard
Left A or D
Right S or F
Up Y to P
Down H to Enter
Fire B to Break
Quit Q

From YS November 87
"For one thing, you won't need the shield and the map -
they're useless. To cross the river, you'll need the ice
wand, which'll freeze it over. And you'll only get through
the teleport door by smashing it down with a club!"

And for those people who want it spoilt, here's the solution!

From Crash No.44 (Sep 87)
1. Right, right, right, right, shoot person, get club
2. Right, right, enter house, shoot person, get ball
3. Exit house, left, down, right, enter teleport, shoot wall
4. Right, down, shoot person, get cross and dagger
5. Up, left, enter teleport, left, up, left right to end of
map, shoot monster, get teeth
6. Right, enter house, touch person and you get bottle
7. Exit house, right, right, up, right, shoot person,
get ice wand.
8. Right, right, right, shoot water, one screen back, take
9. Right to end of map, get money
10. Left, left, left, left, up, shoot monster, get key, open
door. Take cross, bottle and money with you
11. Up, left, left, left, up, map will guide you through
12. Out of swamp, right, right, down, right, right, enter
house, shoot person, stand on star. Thassit!"

64613,0 - Infinite Lives

Con-Quest is a similar game by the same author and label, but
Derek himself is probaly better known for much earlier games
such as Jasper and Codename Mat I/II. He also wrote a very
early Star Trek game.

Crash, Issue 39, 56%