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Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future

Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future - заставка
Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future - геймплей
Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future - геймплей
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Описание игры

Игры и фильмы на тему опасных астероидов, которые несутся к Земле и угрожают всему живому, наверное, будут популярны всегда. В далеком 1986 году компанией Virgin Games была разработана компьютерная игра для ZX Spectrum «Dan Dare». «Дерзкий Дэн» — это пилот космического корабля, волею судеб оказавшийся на поверхности астероида, населенного коварными Меконцами, летящего к Земле. Ни минуты не колеблясь. Он решает приземлиться на поверхности, чтобы постараться всеми силами отвести угрозу.

На борту космического корабля остается помощник Дэна инопланетянин Диджби. Будучи на связи, он помогает главному герою в его непростых приключениях. К счастью, механизм самоуничтожения заложен в самом астероиде, который на поверку оказался Меконским космическим кораблем. Спустившись, Дэн столкнулся с отчаянным сопротивлением — со всех сторон в него палят из бластеров. Тут и там встречаются автоматические пушки, мимо пробегают солдаты, которые также пытаются убить нашего героя.

Спустившись внутрь астероида, Дэн оказывается в запутанной паутине коридоров, подъемников и устройств, путешествуя по которым ему нужно собрать пять ключей для системы самоуничтожения в пяти различных секторах астероида. Перемещаться между этажами можно при помощи подъемников — для чего нужно встать чуть левее (ориентируясь по тени, которую отбрасывает подъемник на стену позади себя) и нажать клавишу «вверх» или «вниз». Кстати, управление в игре стандартное Q/A/O/P и SPACE — огонь. Тут и там попадаются призы, дающие энергию, патроны. Взяв ключ, Дэну необходимо отыскать комнату с консолью системы управления. После активации ключа открывается «где-то» дверь, ведущая в новый сектор за новым ключом. Торопитесь, на всё про всё вам отпущено всего два часа, по истечению которых Землю уже ничто не спасет.

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Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future (c) 1986 Virgin Games Ltd

Dan Dare the original Super Hero was being featured on the Earth Broadcasting
Corporation "This is Your Life" programme.

The invited guests who spoke glowingly of Dan's achievements, his bravery and
compassion, included his faithful friend Digby who had shared so many of
Dan's adventures, Professor Peabody, Fleet Commander Sir Hubert Guest, Sondor
the Venusian ambassador along with his equivalent from every planet in the
known universe. It seemed that the whole world had turned out to honour Dan.

Dan Dare, embarrassed but deeply moved by these accolades, stepped forward to
speak, suddenly the picture on every Vidi-screen in the solar system changed
into a series of multi-coloured horizontal stripes, slowly clearing to reveal
none other than the evil green face of the Mekon.

The Mekon proceeded to tell of his dastardly plan to propel a hollowed out
asteriod the size of a minor planet on a collision course with Earth. If the
powers that be did not give into his terms Earth would be eliminated!

If they agreed the asteriod would be harmlessly detonated, earth would be
safe and the Mekon would take over as commander of the universe.

They could not give in to the Mekon's threats but what was the alternative?
In the studio the assembled gathering turned their gaze to one man, Colonel
DAN DARE knew what he had to do...!!

(c) 1986 IPC/DAN DARE Ltd
Part of the Dan Dare Nostalgia Collection licensed Worldwide by Dan Dare Ltd

Taking Digby as co-pilot. Dan heads for Spacefleet HQ and his trusty
spaceship, the Anastasia. Soon, they are flying towards the Asteroid, leaving
an anxious Earth behind them.

As they approacg the Asteriod, they see pieces of machinery and small
building upon its surface. Is it inhabited?

With only two hours to go before the Asteroid reaches the point of no return,
they arrive at the Asteroid. Dan asks Digby to stay with the ship, in case he
needs to make a quick getaway.

A few tests reveal there is a supply of oxygen surrounding the Asteroid so
Digby lowers Dan to the surface, and his solitary quest begins. As he lands
gently on the surface, he notices a disguarded laser gun lying nearby. It
works! Dan takes it...just in case.

Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a laser blast shoots past Dan. He looks up...a
Treen, one of the Mekon's faithful followers, stands poised to shoot again.
Dan returns the fire, hitting the Treen squarely on the chest. The Treen
vanishes. Not far away, Dan can see some sort of entry point into the
Asteroid. Dan heads for this, not knowing what lies before him...and only two
hours to go...

It is your task to guide Dan around the Asteriod from the moment of his
arrival, in order to initiate the self-destruct sequence and escape back to
the Anastasia. There are 5 parts to be collected and inserted into a control
panel to do this. These Dan will find in various parts of the Asteroid.

You can make Dan run left and right, make him leap gaps, or duck beneath
laser bolts fired by the Treens. You can also make him fire back, but be
careful as the laser gun is not too accurate.

The Treens have devastating effects on Dan if they catch him. Some will
merely sap his strength, some will take him to prison. However, the Asteroid
has been damaged in its travels. The prison door mechanism has completely
shut down, so Dan cas easily escape if captured. But most likely, the Treen
that caotures him will knock him unconscious, and Dan will lose vital
minutes. And the Treens are not Dan's only problem...the Mekon may be here
too...and what else?


The game will load by the usual LOAD ""

Once loaded, the title screen will be displayed. Pressing '1' on this screen
allows selection of the following control options.

1) Keyboard...Q up A down O left P right and any key from the following to
fire...b n m Symbol-Shift Space.

2) Cursor keys (5, 6, 7, 8) and 0 to fire, also compatible with any cursor
type joystick.

3) Standard Kempston Joystick.

After selecting 1, 2, or 3, press ENTER to return to the title screen.

Pressing FIRE will start the game.

The key/joystick controls are...


The game can be paused at any point, by pressing CAPS-SHIFT and SPACE (also
called BREAK) and the game can be aborted by pressing CAPS-SHIFT and 3 (also
called TRUE-VIDEO).

Scattered around the Asteroid. Dan will find some useful objects, such as a
re-charger to keep the laser gun at full power, and energy booster pills to
build his strength. These are picked up by jumping on them. As Dan finds
them, he can decide either to take them or leave them until later if he is
not in need of them at the time.

The five pieces of self-destruct mechanism must be assembled one at a time,
in the control room. You will recognise this as it will show five empty
sockets at the start. As Dan returns each piece to this location, he can
insert it into the correct socket, and it will start to glow. Doing this also
opens a door leading to the next place of the mechanism.

Eventually, Dan will have collected the five pieces, and must make his way
back to the surface where Digby will be waiting. Note that this may not be
the same place as where he first landed.

Good luck...the Earth is depending on you...


This game is dedicated to the memory of Frank Hampson, the creator of Dan
Dare who sadly died on 8th July 1985. We hope he would have approved of our
treatment of his characters.

All rights of the producer and the owner of the work being produced are
reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and
broadcasting of this cassette is prohibited. The publisher assumes no
responsibility for errors, nor liability for damage arising from its use.

WARNING These programs are sold accordinf to VIRGIN GAMES LTD'S terms of
trade and conditions of sale. Copies of which are available on request

Complete Instructions typed in by Paul Thompson, March 2003