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RoboCop - заставка
RoboCop - геймплей
RoboCop - геймплей
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Описание игры

Есть настолько известные тайтлы, которые не нуждаются в дополнительном представлении. Прежде всего — это фантастические блокбастеры восьмидесятых от компании Orion, такие как «Робот-полицейский», «Терминатор» и многие другие. Кажется, что эти фильмы знакомы нам с самого детства. И разумеется, грех не сделать по ним игры, которые наверняка станут также хитами просто из-за своего названия.

Кто не хотел попробовать себя в роли Робокопа? Эта игра на ZX Spectrum от компании Ocean дает вам такую возможность. Итак, вы в роли неустрашимого робота-полицейского путешествуете по улицам и закоулкам Детройта, пытаясь навести порядок и покончить с заполонившими город бандитами. Правила предельно просты: служи общественному доверию, защищай невиновных, защищай закон. Есть и четвертая директива, секретная (если вы смотрели одноименный фильм, разумеется, знаете, в чем она заключается). А бандитов действительно полно — из каждого окна, из-за каждой двери в Робокопа стреляют вооруженные панки, по улицам разъезжают безбашенные байкеры, ходят маньяки с бензопилами. Робокоп вооружен автоматическим пистолетом, к которому в начале игры дается пятьдесят патронов. В принципе их можно не экономить — тут и там на уровнях разбросаны призы, дающие дополнительные единицы «эффективности» (энергии), патроны, новое оружие. У Робокопа три жизни.

Игра повторяет оригинальный фильм. Здесь встречаются как горизонтальные уровни как в любой платформенной аркаде, есть и необычные задания, как например необходимо управляя прицелом попасть в террориста, удерживающего заложницу, или, например, собрать паззл с лицом подозреваемого.

Игра захватывает, а в версии для 128кб присутствует неплохое музыкальное оформление.

Дополнительные материалы

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Рекламный флаер для игры RoboCop
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Карта для игры RoboCop
Карта для игры RoboCop

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Take on the role of avenging angel as you mete out rough justice to the
perpetrators of evil and lawlessness. Some of the most exciting scenes ever
to fill a computer screen confront you. The future is here and now when you
take up this challenge - PART MAN - PART MACHINE - ALL COP

TM & Orion Pictures Corp.

Patrolman Murphy was the 32nd cop to be gunned down in Detroit since
Security Concepts Inc. took control of the police department. It was the
opportunity OCP had been waiting for...They took what was left of Murphy
and turned him into a deadly killing machine with a reinforced titanium
body, an erased memory and a programmed mind. However they could not
completely wipe out the memory of his horrific ordeal and he sets out to
track down the gang responsible. In this game you are Robocop! You are the
future of law enforcement.


1. Place the cassette in your recorder ensuring that it is fully rewound.

2. Ensure that the MIC socket is disconnected and that the volume and tone
controls are set to the appropriate levels.
3. If the computer is a Spectrum 48K or Spectrum + type LOAD"" (ENTER). (Note
there is no space between the two quotes). The " is obtained by pressing the
SYMBOL SHIFT and P keys simultaneously.
4. Press PLAY on your recorder and the game will load automatically. If you have
any problems try adjusting the volume and tone control and consulting Chapter
6 of the Spectrum manual.
5. If the computer is a Spectrum 128K then follow the instructions on-screen or
in the accompanying manual.


Set up system and switch on as described in your instruction manual. Insert
disk and press ENTER to choose 'LOADER' option. This program will then load

NOTE: 128k one load
48k three loads - On the 48k Spectrum this game loads in 3 parts.
When each part has finished loading, stop the tape so the next
part can be loaded when you are ready.


Keyboard fully redefinable

Default keys are:


FIRE will normally fire a bullet. However if there is a villain next to him,
Robocop will punch him thereby conserving ammunition.

Sinclair - Port 1

Jump up/
Point up Point up Ascend stair/Point up
\ | /
\ | /
\ | /
Left -----+----- Right
/ | \
/ | \
/ | \
Descend stairs/Move left Crouch Move right


Armed with a standard police pistol you seek out the criminals responsible
for Murphy's death. You can collect capsules giving you more ammunition,
better fire power or three way bullets. You can also pick up baby food to
give you extra energy.

L 1 First patrol in Detroit. Encounter criminals who try to stop you.
L 2 A woman is being attacked - you must intervene. Attempt to shoot the
attacker and avoid hitting the poor helpless hostage.
L 3 Second patrol with more offensive criminals.
L 4 Try to match up photofit parts along with the photograph already
supplied to you. If a successful match is made, you will discover the
name of the man responsible for Murphy's killing.
L 5 You receive information which enables you to locate the rest of the
gang. You stumble across a drug factory full of heavily armed thugs who
will stop at nothing to prevent you arresting them.
L 6 After clearing up the drug factory you go on to arrest Dick Jones, the
mastermind behind the gang, at OCP headquarters. However directive 4 of
Robocop's program prevents you from acting against a senior officer of
OCP. You are disarmed and left to fight the robot ED209 with your bare
steel fists.
L 7 Use lifts to escape from OCP.
L 8 Try to outwit the desperate criminals as you become a fugitive from
L 9 If you make it this far you confront OCP's board of directors with the
evidence of Dick Jones' crimes. In a desperate effort to escape he takes
the President hostage. The president sacks him on the spot, directive 4
is overridden and you may shoot him. But be careful not to hit the
president himself!


Score, time remaining and energy displayed at top of screen.
20 points for hitting a bad guy.
50 points for killing a bad guy.
250 points for collecting a capsule.
Special bonus for completing a level.


1. Conserve ammunition.
2. Criminals will always attack you at the same points. Remember these positions
to gain the initiative.
3. On hostage screens, try to anticipate the movements of the villains for an
easier shot.

Its program code, graphic representation and artwork are the copyright of
Ocean Software Limited. All rights reserved worldwide.



Programming by John Meegan SPECTRUM & AMSTRAD
Graphics by Stephen Thomson & Dawn Drake Programming by Mike Lamb
Music by Jonathan Dunn Graphics by Dawn Drake
Produced by D C Ward Music by Jonathan Dunn
1988 Ocean Software Limited Produced by Jon Woods
ROBOCOP TM & Orion Pictures Corporation. 1988 Ocean Software Limited
All rights reserved.