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Rambo - заставка
Rambo - геймплей
Rambo - геймплей
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Описание игры

Джон Рэмбо – ветеран войны во Вьетнаме, оболганный и опошленный в первой части одноименного фильма, где он вынужден скрываться от полиции и властей, вдруг становится совершенно незаменимым во второй части фильма, когда речь вдруг заходит об американских военнопленных, захваченных вьетнамцами и удерживаемых в заложниках. Не смотря на всю обозленность главного героя на власти, у него доброе отзывчивое сердце, и он берется выполнить это смертельное задание – выручить из плена военнопленных. Игра на ZX Spectrum под названием Rambo повторяет сюжет оригинального фильма от Carolco.

Скажем сразу, техническое исполнение игры достаточно слабое для такой именитой конторы, как Ocean Software и в целом повторяет игру Commando, выпущенную в том же 1985 году. Интересно кстати, какая игра была первой. Рэмбо, которым управляет игрок, перемещается вверх по карте. Ему противостоят вьетнамские солдаты, стреляющие иногда одиночными выстрелами. У Джона Рэмбо в арсенале лишь метательные ножи и несколько гранат. Именно с такими запасами ему предстоит пройти всю карту, освободить десяток заложников, полетать на вертолете и успешно закончить игру, скрывшись с вражеской территории в одном из ангаров.

В целом игра несложная, и у бывалых игроков ее прохождение займет пять-десять минут. Противник стреляет редко и мимо, карта несложная, а положение на ней заложников каждый раз одно и то же. Некоторые из них распяты на некоем подобии креста, другие содержатся в бараках. Достаточно коснуться их, и вот они уже спасаются бегством. А игрок бежит за ними, прикрывая их своим телом от вражеских пуль. Всего жизней три, и этого должно быть вполне достаточно, чтобы пройти всю игру без сучка и задоринки.

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Карта для игры Rambo

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It's program code, graphic representation, and
artwork are the copyright of Ocean Software
Limited and may not be reproduced, stored hired or
broadcast in any form whatsoever without the
written permission of Ocean Software Limited.
All rights reserved Worldwide. RAMBO FIRST
BLOOD PART II runs on the Spectrum 48K and
Spectrum +.


THE ACTION is set in the Vietnamese jungle - A
reconnaisance mission which turns into a rescue!
You are JOHN RAMBO a highly trained jungle
fighter whose instructions are to gain entry to a
P.O.W. (Prisoner of War), camp and photograph
evidence of American war prisoners - but having
found them will your conscience let you walk away?


Type LOAD "" [Note there is no space
between the two quotes]. The " is obtained by
pressing SYMBOL SHIFT and the P key
simultaneously. For further instructions consult
chapter 6 of your manual. Now press PLAY on the
recorder. The screen message should appear and
the game will load automatically. If this does not
happen try adjusting the volume and tone controls
up until loading takes place.


When C is pressed during the menu the controls
editor will appear. Player 1 s given the opportunity
to redefine the control keys or select a joystick.
There are three function keys shown: "ENTER"
when new selection is complete; to select a
joystick (continue pressing to loop through options);
or D to redefine the keys. When redefining keys a
cursor will flash beneath the key to be defined, just
press the key of your choice.
Note 1. When a two player game is selected,
Player 2 has the opportunity to use the controls
editor after player 1 has pressed "ENTER".
Note 2. The game hold button is defined as H.
This cannot be changed nor can either player
define H as a control key.
Note 3. In a one player game, player 1 has
complete freedom to select any controls except
H, but in a two player game either player may not
select a key already selected by the other.
Note 4. With a Sinclair ZX interface 2 the port to
be used is indicated by the arrow on the selection.
Note 5. Apart from the normal UP, DOWN, LEFT,
RIGHT and FIRE keys it is required to select a sixth
key to change weapons. If the Joystick is
selected then the computer automatically selects
the space bar for this function.


The game takes place in approximately 1 million
sq. feet (scale) of jungle featuring the P.O.W. camp,
a secret Temple and many different types of terrain.
Colonel Trautman, your C.O. (Commanding
Officer), has given you very precise orders...
Find the P.O.W. camp, photograph the evidence
using the automatic camera which is part of your
standard equipment and then make your way
North to the extraction point where a helicopter
awaits you. You will then be automatically flown
back to the safety of your base in Thailand.
Your orders are specific:
"Do not engage the enemy"
"Do not attempt to rescue"

However when you arrive at the P.O.W. camp and
see your former comrade Banks, tied to a Bamboo
Cross in the compound you know that another
scenario will unfold; one in which you are the Hero!
You must decide...

Ignoring your C.O. and using the knife, you cut your
buddy free - now there is no turning back as you
have alerted the camp guards. Taking Banks with
you, you battle your way North towards the
helicopter in an attempt to get transport to free all
the P.O.W.s.
Having located the chopper you must return to
the camp to find the main body of prisoners -
again using your knife to cut their bounds, hurry to
get them aboard for by now there is a full alert and
the enemy's main weapon, a powerful helicopter
Gunship is sent in pursuit.
Now engage in combat with this fearsome machine
and escape with the prisoners to the safety fo


On screen information shows current score at
the right of the screen and is included at the end of
the game in the high score table which is fully
Rambo has four lives and can gain extra lives with
large scores.
Bonus points are achieved by collecting weapons
hidden at strategic points.


Your choice of weapons is displayed at the right of
the screen and the comprehensive list includes
(Some of these weapons are available at the
beginning, others are hidden in the terrain).


* Try not to disturb or engage the enemy
unnecessary, especially on the way to the
P.O.W. camp. (i.e. use of loud weapons will alert
enemy activity).
* Don't stand still in the camp and remember you
will need your knife to cut free the solitary
* Inside the helicopter you can only fire the rocket
* It can be very dangerous to deploy certain
weapons in inappropriate circumstances.
* If you decide to blow down the bridge to the
Compound (PRISON CAMP), there is no turning
back - you are commited to becoming a hero.



1985 Anabasis Investments N.V.
All rights reserved. TM used by Ocean Software Limited
under autorisation of Stephen J. Cannell Productions.
Licensing Agent.

Spectrum version by David J. Anderson in association with
Ocean Software Limited.

Produced by Jon Woods.

Document created by rstuart@ukonline.co.uk on 31st May 2000 for
World of Spectrum: http://www.void.jump.org
Re-edited Robin Stuart's work to create the original Ocean
instructions by Frode Tenneb, 20050821.